Top Paddock? Pretty.

Everything is pretty here! The interior is brand new, the coffees have latte art on the top and the food is presented beautifully. Top Paddock has been all over Instagram and Urbanspoon lately, so I decided I had to check it out, and I’m so glad I did. I went just for the Blueberry and Ricotta Hotcake and it did not disappoint. The only problem was I couldn’t finish it, and I really wanted to, haha.

It’s one big hotcake – thick and fluffy, with sweet maple syrup, filled with blueberries and ricotta chunks, topped with more blueberries strawberries, raspberries, pumpkin seeds, a quenelle of double cream and a sprinkling of purple glitter sugar! The cream was unsweetened, which was perfect for balancing the syrup. The chef has been generous with the blueberries too, there are plenty inside and on top – a punnet of berries ain’t cheap.¬†And the glitter….that just made me really happy!

Here’s the thing. Top Paddock is hot at the moment, like HAWT. Everyone seems to want to go there right now. I drove past a few times and could see people lining up outside around brunch time. Luckily, I went on a Monday morning with a couple of friends and we were not kept waiting. So, if you can’t make it there on a weekday, then prepare to wait. It’ll probably be worth it.

Top Paddock

Top Paddock LatteOverall, I highly recommend you check it out, especially if you like that Melbourne-esque coffee/brunch culture. I wouldn’t go there just for eggs on toast though, you gotta try out a dish unique to Top Paddock, especially the hotcake which seems to have become¬†something of a signature dish.


Top Paddock – 658 Church St, Richmond

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