Hey hey!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been all kinds of hungry lately – hungry for good food, new places and some adventure. All will be satisfied in good time – hopefully.

Anyway…I decided to start this blog to share some of the cool things in my life – let’s face it, most of the content will be about food, but hopefully you may find it helpful. I’ve always enjoyed cooking, so I’m gonna try to take that further (in baby steps of course). I also like to go out and try new restaurants and bars in Melbourne because this city has some amazing places to eat, from fine dining to food trucks. I’ll be sharing it all on here.

I talk to some people about it a lot, and to others not so much, but I’m obsessed with the idea of travel…making it happen is a different story. I’m fortunate to have travelled overseas many times since I was young, being from a family that has its roots in India and Malaysia, and has an ingrained interest in history, culture and of course food. I hope to start working my way through a list of places that interest me most over the next year or so. For now, I’ll be on the hunt for delicious stuff.

Watch this space!

Tash   :)

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