It’s November, which means Good Food Month is upon us! YAY!!!

I’m all over it this year. It is my belief that Good Food month is when Melbourne is at its very best. However, it is definitely not all about the food. In fact, most of the food being shown off during the month is available all year round at some of the best restaurants and cafes in Melbourne. It’s much more about ambience, experiences and some good deals.

On the first day of the month I went to one of the first events, which was a pop-up barbecue event at the Arts Centre testing grounds, on City Road in Southbank. Not a lot of people knew about it but it was one of the most memorable evenings out I’ve had. I was even treated to some complimentary desserts for my birthday from the Hammer and Tong stall!

Tip: get yourself the Good Food Month program. It was in The Age a while back, but you can also download it here: This will give you a breakdown of all the different types of events, the dates so you don’t miss out and the prices so you can budget.

Based on last year I can recommend the Night Noodle Market and the Johnston Street Fiesta. The Night Noodle Market is great because it runs for a couple of weeks so there’s not much chance of missing out. Last year was the first year and so it was crowded and sometimes the stalls were running out of food. But because it was the first year I am sure there will be improvements this time round. The market had stalls from well known restaurants that specialise in cuisines from all over Asia (not just noodles), including Malaysian, Indian, Chinese and Japanese foods. Some of the bigger names present were Chin Chin, Mamak, Hoy Pinoy, Aangan and many more. This year, I believe Gelato Messina is going to be added to the mix. Even if you’re not much of a foodie, it’s a really nice place to have a drink and catch up with friends.

The Johnston Street Fiesta is something else! It’s no coincidence that it’s a fiesta and it’s being held on Johnston Street. Once again it is a market style setup, but this time it’s conveniently at the doorsteps of the very charming Spanish, Mexican, South American and even African eateries that line Johnston Street. I’m talking fresh tacos on corn tortillas, huge pans of paella, spicy barbecued Jamaican jerk chicken and a huge stage performance complete with dancing, singing and infectious Latin percussion. This was the event that made me take note of what Melbourne can offer up.

This year I’m looking forward to revisiting the Johnston Street Fiesta (15th-16th), the Night Noodle Market (14th-30th) as well as heading to Harajuku pop-up bar at Sake Restaurant and Bar this Friday (7th), having some quality wine and cheese at Milk the Cow Fromagerie (numerous dates) and perhaps even high tea at 28 Sky Bar and Lounge in Crown Metropol (23rd, 30th). That’s just to start with…we’ll see what else comes up.

Peace! Xx

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